What´s Bugging You?


Silverfish are pests in households around the world and they prefer warm, humid environments. They like to shelter in small, dark hiding places, such as inside cupboards, bookcases and storage boxes. We often find silverfish in our sinks and bath tubs – they cannot climb up the slippery sides and become stranded there.

Silverfish have strong chewing mouthparts and aren’t terribly fussy eaters. They tackle mostly plant-based material in the wild, such as bark and leaf-litter. They also love to enter our homes where they will feast on paper, book bindings, photographs, wallpaper, glue, flour and fabric.

Did you know?

  • In the wild, silverfish often inhabit the nests and burrows of birds and animals, feasting off feathers, dead skin flakes and other debris.
  • The slippery scales of silverfish are useful in defence – it makes it almost impossible for a predator to get a grip on them.

Apex Pest Solutions will work closely with you to find and target the area/s affected. Often due to the widespread distribution of silverfish within the home it may be necessary to use multiple methods/treatments to eradicate the pest.