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Apex Pest Package

A complete pest package for general household pests.

​Treatment includes:

  • Large cockroaches (American, Australian, Smoky Brown, Brown Banded, Oriental)

  •  Small cockroaches (German)

  •  Spiders (household and webbing spiders)

  •  Silverfish

  •  Internal ants

  •  Rodents in roof space (roof rats and house mice)

  •  Bees

​ Areas treated:

  •  All internal areas

  •  Roof space

  •  Subfloor areas

  •  Wall exterior & eaves

  •  Patios, verandahs and balconies

  •  Fence lines, letterboxes and clotheslines

Prices starting from $230
Package option with carpet cleaning
Call us for a free quote!

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