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Rodents are a dangerous pest to have in your home or business as they are disease spreading, unhygienic, they can cause damage to your home and pose a safety and fire risk by chewing through electrical wiring. 


Our technician will analyze the area, the scale of the infestation and identify the rodent causing the damage before coming up with a treatment plan specific for your property circumstances. The most common method of treatment for rodents is lockable rodent stations for accessible areas, these stations are designed to keep the baits safely out of reach to children and pets & can be used indoors and outdoors. We may also use baits in the roof void and/ or the subfloors. Our technician will assess the surrounding area for other food sources and offer advice to ensure you get the most effect from our rodent treatment. 


Baiting is proven to be the most effective way to eradicate problem rodents from your property. One of the most frequently held concerns of customers who are considering using baits to control rodents is that they will perish and cause a horrible stink in their home. However, the baits we use are purposefully designed with this in mind. After the rodent ingests the bait it causes dehydration and forces them to seek out a water supply, which is typically outside. The poison is activated in the stomach once the rodent drinks and causes them to perish outside. However, should a rodent perish inside the building our technician will return to remove it. 

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